Does A Marijuana Roach Count For Weight Allowance?

I’ve been asked whether a marijuana roach counts in the weight allowance under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

A marijuana roach is the unsmoked, left-over end of a marijuana joint, blunt, or cigarette. And, yes, marijuana roaches contain useable marijuana that can be smoked and do count towards the weight allowance under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. That’s why marijuana smokers save the roaches, right? If there isn’t any useable marijuana in the roach, why save it? Why not just throw it in the trash or flush it? (more…)

Where Is Marijuana Legal?

In a submission through our website, I’ve been asked where marijuana is legal. Before you rely on the information provided here, remember (more…)

Can I Be Prosecuted For Possessing Dead Marijuana Plants In Michigan?

Yes, you can be prosecuted for possessing dead marijuana plants in Michigan. It is still a crime in Michigan to possess marijuana. Possession of any amount of marijuana in Michigan is a misdemeanor that can result in up to one year in jail. This includes (more…)

Is Michigan Preparing For Legalized Marijuana?

Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia all permit some form of recreational-marijuana use. Nineteen other states, including Michigan, permit marijuana use for medical treatment but not for recreation. Since voters approved the Michigan (more…)

Will Marijuana Legalization Be on the Michigan 2016 Ballot?

Michigan voters will very likely have the opportunity to vote on legalization of marijuana during the November 2016 election. There are currently three ballot initiatives that have been approved by the Michigan Board of State Canvassers. (more…)

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