Will Marijuana Legalization Be on the Michigan 2016 Ballot?

Michigan voters will very likely have the opportunity to vote on legalization of marijuana during the November 2016 election. There are currently three ballot initiatives that have been approved by the Michigan Board of State Canvassers. (more…)

Is Your Attorney Recording Your Telephone Calls?

Have you noticed that some attorneys use several different telephone numbers to reach one law firm? There’s a separate telephone number for the phone book, on a web page, in Google searches, on Facebook, etc. Why? Advertising executives convince attorneys to use different telephone numbers in different ads to track the calls. With these “tracking numbers,” the advertisers are promising to inform the attorneys about which advertising does and which advertising does not translate to telephone calls to the law firm. It’s also a quick way for an advertiser to shut off the attorney’s advertising if a dispute develops with the attorney. (more…)

Welcome To Our Litigation Blog!

We have happily commenced our Litigation Blog in an effort custody litigation, and child-protection litigation. We’ll also be sharing our own personal views about local news and experiences we’ve had in and out of court.

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