The 3 Advantages of a Travelling Attorney

What Are the Advantages of Litigating in Many Different Courts?

Being in private practice with the opportunity to travel and work in different courts presents many advantages.  Conversely, a court-appointed or government attorney is often stuck in one place and repeatedly litigates in the same court room.

Three advantages of litigating in different courts are:  

  • First, it’s a pleasure to see so many different people: including court staff, attorneys, referees, magistrates, and judges.  Each court has its own character, and the variety is often refreshing.  
  • Second, a travelling attorney in private practice has the advantage of seeming new, fresh, and novel; whereas, a court-appointed or government attorney can seem boring and stagnant. 
  • Third, the travelling attorney will experience many different litigation styles.  Thus, the new concept and technique that prevailed in Battle Creek last week might also prevail in Kalamazoo this week.  

What are the disadvantages of repeatedly litigating in just one court?  

  • First, an attorney who repeatedly litigates in the same court is highly dependent on his or her relationship with that one judge.  Thus, the court-appointed or government attorney will seldom take risks, disagree with or challenge the judge, or aggressively litigate a case because the attorney is fearful of spoiling a relationship with the one judge who is so important to the attorney’s success.  Attorneys in private practice who travel to many different courts are not afraid to take risks, challenge the judge, or aggressively litigate a case.
  • Second, when an attorney is relegated to practice in a single court room, that attorney is exposed to only one way of doing things. Thus, the attorney becomes comfortable in that one court and might falter in other courts.  

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we often litigated in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Allegan, Hastings, Centreville, Paw Paw, Grand Rapids, Holland, St. Joseph, Lansing, Charlotte, Coldwater, and Jackson. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic closed the courts to the public, travelling for court has slowed way down; and most court appearances occur over the internet via Zoom.  However, we have an advantage over other court-appointed, government, and stagnant attorneys because we have professional relationships with the judges, court staff, prosecutors, and other attorneys in those various courts.  This allows us to stay relevant and to adjust our litigation style for the unique pressures presented by closed court rooms and the pandemic.  The result is increased success for ourselves and for our clients. 

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