Does Schroder & Schroder, PLC, Handle Methamphetamine-Lab Cases?


I have been asked whether we handle methamphetamine-lab cases. Yes, and quite often. Methamphetamine charges are more prevalent in rural counties such as Allegan, St. Joseph, Barry, Van Buren, Branch, and to a certain extent, Calhoun. This is probably because methamphetamine is a (more…)

Methamphetamine: What Is Smurfing?


Police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges often use language that a layperson or the general public doesn’t understand. Sometimes, the vernacular becomes popular enough to be used in television dramas about crime like Law and Order, NCIS, or CSI. Some of these slang terms are pot (marijuana), B and E (breaking and entering), DUI (driving while under the influence), vic (victim), and perp (perpetrator).

However, sometimes the terms first have their origins in television and transform to slang in the real world. One of these odd terms is “smurfing.” Smurfing is a (more…)

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