Firearms & Guns

Can I Modify My Firearm?

Michigan law does not prohibit the modification of a firearm. Common firearm modifications include replacing or modifying: (more…)

What are Pistol-Free Zones?

In response to the terrorist attacks in the United States and in Europe, many Michiganders are obtaining concealed pistol licenses. However, it’s important to understand that Michigan law limits where a concealed pistol or taser can be carried. (more…)

Will Police Return My Firearms?

When police arrest persons possessing firearms, police often seize those firearms. Will police return those firearms to the owner? The answer is (more…)

What Are The Requirements To Obtain A License To Carry A Concealed Pistol In Michigan?

Under current Michigan Law, the requirements to obtain a concealed pistol license are moderately strict. Just to be eligible, an applicant for a concealed pistol license (CPL) must meet the following criteria: (more…)

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