Child Custody

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A child-custody case can cover many different issues. The most common issues in a child-custody case involve the establishment of legal and physical custody, setting a parenting-time schedule, and determining the proper amount of child support. However, a child-custody case can also involve the establishment of paternity, modifications to an existing custody or parenting-time order, disputes on where a child will attend school, whether a third party has rights to custody or parenting time with your child, and even what medical treatment is appropriate for your child. We understand that child-custody cases can be very emotional and difficult for the families involved. We promise to provide you with accurate and honest advice as we navigate this difficult process together.

The legal standards for establishing custody and parenting time, or modifying an existing order, can be difficult to understand. Below is a list of common questions that we can help you understand better before you decide what legal steps are right for you and your family:

  • Is there a difference between legal custody and physical custody?
  • Does joint custody mean equal parenting-time?
  • What are the child-custody factors, and what do they mean in my case?
  • Who decides what is in the best interest of my child?
  • What are parenting-time factors, and how are they different from the child custody factors?
  • What is a parenting-time policy, and does it apply to my case?
  • How do I change my current custody or parenting-time order?
  • Does my child have a voice in these proceedings?
  • Will my child testify?
  • What can and cannot be used as evidence in court?
  • I believe that my child is being abused during visits with the other parent . What can I do?
  • How does the custody and parenting-time order determine my child support?

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