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A free consultation usually starts as a telephone call or a website submission of your question. During this initial consultation, you and the attorney should be able to quickly determine whether we specialize in your particular problem and whether you have a case that we can pursue.

Your free consultation appointment may last for 15 minutes, or it may last for an hour or more depending on how long it takes us to determine your needs, to formulate a plan for meeting your needs, and to determine the fee for our future services. You will not pay us any attorney fees until you actually hire us to represent you.

Sometimes we receive questions that we are, unfortunately, not able to help you with. If your case is simply outside the scope of our expertise, we make every effort to put you in touch with another experienced attorney who can help you. If you do not have a case that can be pursued, we make every effort to explain why your case cannot, or should not, be pursued at this time.

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