When the results of your case have the potential for serious and life-changing consequences, the quality of your legal representation is the single-most important decision that you can make. Jeff and Kymberly Schroder encourage you to experience the difference in consulting with a proficient, talented, effective, aggressive, thoughtful, and caring legal team.


Jeffrey M. Schroder and Kymberly R. Schroder are trial attorneys specializing in criminal defense and family law with more than 23 years combined experience. They are proficient in assertively litigating cases from the simplest traffic violations to the most serious and complex felonies and family-law matters in Michigan trial and appellate courts and in United States federal courts.

Jeff and Kymberly have been a featured defense team on Dateline NBC’s Deadly Game and on truTV’s In Session. Jeff and Kymberly’s cases are also commonly featured in local print and television news coverage, and they are proficient with strategies employed in these high-profile cases.

Jeff and Kymberly are also frequent guest lecturers on the subject of forensic psychology at Western Michigan University.

Jeffrey M. Schroder

Kymberly R. Schroder

Jeff has been in practice for more than 12 years, and he focuses his talents on criminal defense and family law litigation. Jeff grew up in a mix of rural and suburban communities including: Charlotte, Bellevue, Vermontville, Battle Creek, and a suburb of…More > Kymberly has been in practice for more than ten years, focusing her talents on criminal defense and family law litigation. Kymberly grew up in Marquette, Michigan and obtained her undergraduate degree in psychology from Northern Michigan University. Prior to…More >

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